VTTV Jetty structural performance monitoring​

The aim of this project (Coordinator – Constantine Michailides) is to demonstrate how to use data measured by multiple sensors at key locations of the structural system and sea environment can aid the accurate diagnosis and prediction of the jetty’s response as well as the modeling of the wave circulation in the coastal area. In addition, secondary data (e.g. historic data derived from manual inspections) will be used for training deep-learning algorithms in determining the current and future state of the asset exclusively from the generated sensor outputs. The objective is to demonstrate the benefit of using data as the primary driver for dealing with such complex and multivariable systems towards safety. The value of this study will translate to real benefits for the VTTV and the rest of the stakeholders of Vassiliko Energy Centre as the technology and the expertise developed in the EMERGE during this project is relevant to other similar coastal structures and environment of national significance.