Constantine Michailides

Constantine Michailides

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor in Marine-Hydraulic Works
Department of Civil Engineering
International Hellenic University
+30 6945498993

Dr Constantine Michailides is an Assistant Professor (since November 2021) at the Department of Civil Engineering in Marine-Hydraulic Works at International Hellenic University (IHU), Greece. He holds a BSc, MSc and PhD in Civil Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), Greece. He did a PhD in Marine and Offshore Engineering in hydroelasticity of floating structures and wave energy production. Since May 2013, he joined Centre for Ships and Ocean Structures (CeSOS) and Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems (AMOS) in the Department of Marine Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). In NTNU he was working as Postdoctoral Researcher mainly on projects with focus to experimental and numerical investigation of combined offshore wind turbines and ocean energy devices until January 2016 when he was appointed as Senior Lecturer in the Marine and Offshore Engineering at Liverpool John Moores University, UK. Since July 2017 Constantine was elected as a faculty member Lecturer (2017-2021) and Assistant Professor (2021-2021) in Offshore Structures at the Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics at CUT, Cyprus.

Constantine has performed research on numerical analysis, experimental testing and structural-field monitoring of offshore and coastal structures and systems. His research focuses on global and local numerical analysis of offshore and coastal structures and systems (oil and gas, renewable energy, ports, coastal protection and processes), fluid-structure interaction, wave kinematics, hydro -dynamics -elasticity, ocean energy devices, offshore wind technology, offshore combined energy systems, physical model testing, structural health monitoring, optimization, genetic algorithms and floating bridges/tunnels. Recent interests include reliability analysis for offshore engineering applications and coastal morphodynamics.

Constantine authored more than 100 research papers in peer reviewed journal and conference proceedings in the field of coastal and offshore engineering and 1 book in Offshore Engineering ( He had an active role and contribution in different EU funded research programs (e.g. MARINA Platform, ARCWIND) and he is member of national and international research/professional bodies (e.g. ISOPE, ISSC, EPSRC, TCG).