Transition to Renewable Energy

Cyprus and the wider southern and Eastern Mediterranean region are endowed with a huge solar and wind energy potential. Such an abundant solar and wind energy endowment could bring various benefits to the region, such as meeting the rising energy/electricity demand at a lower cost, freeing up additional export volumes of oil and gas in energy exporting countries, considerably reducing energy bills in energy importing countries, creating new jobs, alleviating energy poverty, enhancing the quality of the environment and enhancing cooperation both amongst the Southern Eastern countries as well as with the EU.

The role of EMERGE

  • To support the development of a regional framework by:

    - Drawing attention to the development of renewable energy sources
    - Researching, educating and demonstrating new technologies and methods
    - Collaborating with various energy stakeholders, local and international investors and environmental policy makers

  • To act as a key entry point in the energy sector for the implementation of actions for mitigating climate change.
  • To coordinate and implement renewable energy projects.
  • To provide a framework for capacity building in the domain of renewable energy.