Safety and Environment

Increasing development and exploitation of ocean space through offshore and coastal infrastructure developments and operations as well as natural and other threats create major safety challenges and environmental protection issues which need to be managed proactively and effectively. EMERGE promotes safety and environmental protection related to offshore and coastal infrastructure and operations through research, innovation, education and various other activities which bring together multiple stakeholders towards addressing key areas of mutual interest.

The role of EMERGE

  • To develop suitable tools and techniques for increasing safety in offshore operations and safeguard the environment
  • To promote joint industry programmes with stakeholders from the oil and gas industry
  • To create a regional network on safety, security and environmental protection of offshore oil & gas and other energy operations
  • To promote an effective regulatory environment
  • To provide support for effective and coherent development of the sector
  • To examine strategically education and training needs with respect to safety and the environment
  • To promote marine environmental protection