Regional Network

Our Regional Network promotes the collaboration with key stakeholders in the countries of the region as well as international experts and professional associations in the key area of safety and environmental protection of offshore oil and gas operations. The area of safety and environmental protection is a significant example where collaboration among neighboring countries is essential in order to ensure safety and protect the environment through joint proactive actions and plans as well as joint reactive operations which aim to limit the probability of accidental and potentially catastrophic events occurring or mitigating the impact of such events. This is of particular importance in an area like the Eastern Mediterranean Sea which is an essential component of the economic prosperity of the countries of the region through tourism and commerce.

The role of EMERGE

  • Promote the active collaboration between key energy stakeholders, experts and policy makers
  • Be the forum where challenges faced at national & regional levels are discussed, bringing safety and environmental challenges to the forefront of policy and research agendas
  • Provide solutions both at a strategy/policy level but also at a scientific/technology level
  • Cultivate the spirit of sustainability and safety to the future generation of engineers and scientists