Digitization of Energy

The development of smart solutions for infrastructure reliability and management with emphasis on the proactive management and life cycle optimization is of major importance for the existing ageing population of infrastructure and optimum future developments. Multiple objectives need to be satisfied which include maximizing performance and minimizing costs while maintaining appropriate levels of safety and environmental protection. Emerging and developing technologies offer the opportunity to move towards smart infrastructure which requires the implementation and integration of various advanced techniques through holistic frameworks.

The role of EMERGE

  • To undertake research towards developing and implementing ICT technologies and solutions based on: Machine learning, high-performance computing, data mining and processing, and advanced communications.
  • To identify current and emerging needs and issues in the energy sector and how ICT technology can be of use through continuous stakeholder engagement.
  • To examine the effective integration of novel technologies with energy stakeholders’ existing systems thus maximise the potential uptake and benefit.
  • To educate and train operators on the use of novel technology tools and incorporate them in the feedback loop for continuous product/service development and improvement.