The East Med Energy Research Centre of Excellence for Growth and Education ( EMERGE ) is a nascent Centre of Excellence which pairs faculty teams, world-class research centres, CoEs and international experts across the world with policy makers and industry stakeholders for responding to specific energy challenges.

EMERGE provides Cyprus and the region with the much needed framework for fostering innovation and education and greatly contributes towards addressing the key challenges faced at a national level such as the attraction of the private sector in R&I investments, the establishment of synergies between the research and academic community with the business world, and the enhancement of extroversion of the Cyprus R&I system.

It also allows the deepening of cooperation with our neighboring countries, giving Cyprus the opportunity to become a European node of scientific cooperation in the region and build on constructive partnerships between research institutions and other relevant stakeholders in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East.

High-level Objectives

  • Tackle the biggest energy related challenges in science, society and economy.
  • Support the effective and coherent development of the energy sector.
  • Promote Cyprus as a regional hub for research, innovation, education & training.
  • Retain & invest capital expenditure in Cyprus, attracting further international funding.
  • Build collaborations and facilitate knowledge transfer with international highly reputed CoEs.

Vision & Strategic Goals

Το nourish a scientific spirit from which fundamental knowledge will be created as a result of multidisciplinary and collaborative endeavors. This will translate to added value by:

  • Providing a structured research, innovation, education & training programme.
  • Increasing reliance of the energy sector on national capability.
  • Retaining and investing capital expenditure for training in Cyprus.
  • Attracting funding from external sources.
  • Performing strategic studies of national, regional and international importance.