Smart solutions for sustainable marine and onshore infrastructure and environment

"We are the regional hub for energy research, education and outreach. Above all we are the place where science, education and innovation merge powers with industry and policy for creating a better, secure and sustainable energy future for the next generations"

Energy is a significant pillar of economic prosperity as it fuels every aspects of life and underpins all critical infrastructure

"Let us act proactively, creatively and systematically"

We aim to promote and develop world class research and education. and facilitate industry uptake of safe and effective critical infrastructure development and operation through smart, proactive, integrated solutions using emerging technologies and life cycle management. Our main focus is on energy, marine technology, offshore, coastal and onshore infrastructure, safety and environment.


Modes of Operation

We bring together academia, industry and government in a collaborative, integrated and innovative way through a multi-disciplinary and multi-modal framework of operation


Research & Innovation

Advancing industry processes through improved technologies, innovations and enhanced industry uptake.

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Education, Training & Entrepreneurship

Developing and promoting a coherent education and training strategy, new programmes of study and professionals training.

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Stakeholder Interaction & Engagement

Interaction and engagement with relevant stakeholders participating in the formulation of the programmes of work, the development and subsequent uptake of the outcomes.

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Dissemination & Outreach

Disseminating the outcomes through stakeholder interaction, seminars, webinars, workshops, international conferences and scientific publications.

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